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14 07 2009

Lastest Update: 7/20 11:30am

6:45pm So I’m following @jeffsekerak on Twitter — he’s promoting his raw vegan lifestyle.  I came across “Green for Life” while reading Jeff’s blog and immediately ordered the book.  I got sucked in, the author and her family were raw vegan for seven years and then started to hit a sticking point.  What she discovered was that her family need to eat more greens.  (Same with any cancer patient, we need to be eating more greens.)  I’m still in the process of reading “Green for Life” but it didn’t stop me from blending my first green smoothie.  I though I’d start with kale.  Like the author at first, the taste was quite strong but I sweetening it up with apples, bananas, dates, agave nectar, and it worked like a charm.  I’m sucking a green smooth right now and it tastes fresh — not like grass or lawn or sticks & twigs like I first imagined.  I’ve created a quart of green smoothy and I’m one glass into it.

6:58pm I don’t think I’ll be able to finish off a quart of it, I’m getting kind of full so I’ll take a break.

7:22pm I think the green smoothie is giving me a buzz?

10:20pm Not as bad as an experience as I had feared.  Day 1 complete.  Now to do it for 5 days!  Will report on progress.

7/20 11:30am A week later and I’m finding my body now ‘craves’ green smoothies.  (Who would have thought?)  I’m adding 2 cups of chopped kale to almond milk with 1tbs of Flax Oil for Omega 3 as a base smoothie.  I’ll add 1 scoop of Vega Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer or 2 scoops Vega Whole Food Smoothie Infusion to increase the protein content.  At this point, the smoothie needs a whole lot of sweetening so I’ll add frozen bananas, any kind of frozen berries, dates, agave nectar to get it to where it tastes good to me. (Hint: instead of adding ice, use frozen fruit — it bumps up the flavor and potassium level)

I’m trying to get my partner hooked on green smoothies so I gave him a shot glass full to try — not impressed.   (According to my partner, it has the look, consistency of cow diarrhea, smells like grass, but doesn’t taste like it looks or smells.  My advice: ignore your first impression.)

As far as the health benefits so far, I’ve noticed that my digestion seems to be improving (I’m using the beet challenge method which I’ve been flunking for two months until this week — see “Green for Life” p.70).  Obviously, improving digestion is key to improving overall health so that feels like a major accomplishment just within a week — wow!  I’ve also noticed my skin seems to ‘glow’, but I still have some dark circles around my eyes.  However, the silliest thing of all is how much my body craves green smoothies.  So now, I’m just following my green cravings.  I’m going to do this for the rest of the month and I’ll update you on my adventure with green smoothies early August.




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15 07 2009
Kristen's Raw

That’s a great book and I love green smoothies and green juice! YUM!!!


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