Cancer doesn’t like Green Smoothies either

16 09 2009

The “official” results of my MRI are in: the tumor is getting smaller.  I think the doctors are scratching their heads.  After 6 months of chemo, my bi-monthly MRIs showed “no changed” or “no significant change” if they thought it looked a tiny bit worse.  I’ve been off chemo for two months now and suddenly the tumor is getting smaller.  (Everyone was worried that it would be getting bigger off chemo — myself included.)

What did I do differently that I wasn’t doing before?

I had finally transitioned to a vegan diet on the weekdays, and ate eggs and cheese on the weekends.  I also drank a green smoothie every day for one month.

Humm… Using really bad logic, I’d say cancer doesn’t like Green Smoothies as much as my test subjects volunteers didn’t like them.

I figure if I was getting good results on a partial (70%) vegan diet, I’ll start on a 100% vegan diet: no meat, no milk, no cheese, no eggs, no fish, no animal nothing.  100% is important since research shows that you can turn cancer on and off (in rats) depending on the level of animal protein in the diet, this research result also seems to manifest in the famous China Study.  I’m also continuing with drinking a green smoothie every day or at least every other day.  I’m also going to experiment with more raw vegan dishes, and find ones I like.  I’ve read a few stories from cancer survivors that raw vegan is the best diet to be on if you have cancer, so I will be giving it a try.

Will my progress continue with a 100% vegan diet?  That is the million dollar question.  I’ll know the answer in two months — so keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned.

Click here for a detailed version of my anti-cancer vegan diet.