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14 04 2010

Do you know someone who has been struggling with their obesity?

Do you know someone who takes a pill or injects insulin daily for diabetes?

Do you know someone who has had a heart-attack or on cholesterol lowering drugs for heart disease?

Do you know someone that has all three chronic illnesses?

Is that someone you?

I’ll bet you didn’t know that obesity, diabetes and heart disease are reversible.

Without drugs.

Research has shown that following a whole-food plant-based diet will free you from your cholesterol medication, reverse your heart-disease, reverse your diabetes and safely normalize your weight.


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Animal Protein “Feeds” Cancer

13 04 2010

Research shows eating a diet high in animal protein feeds cancer.  A study in 1992 experimented with two groups of lab rats.  The first group was fed 20% animal protein which was a little lower than what a typical adult on the Standard American Diet eats.  The second group of rats were fed only 5% animal protein.  Each was exposed to aflatoxin, a known carcinogen in the development of liver cancer.  After 100 weeks, all rats on the high animal protein diet were dead from liver cancer.  The rats on the low animal protein were all alive, active and showed few to no signs of “tumor burden”.  In fact, scientists were able to turn cancer growth on and off just by changing the amount of protein in the rats diet.  [1]

In human populations, a diet high in animal-protein can be correlated with high incidents of cancer.  One epidemiological study done in the ’80s, demonstrated that when Japanese women migrated to Hawaii, their risk of breast cancer tripled.  Other migration studies confirmed that a woman’s risk for breast cancer changes when she moves to a new country.  These type of effects on breast cancer rates could only change if breast cancer is linked to changes in “lifestyle”, not anything else.  Additionally, The World Cancer Research Fund published a report in 1997 that showed plant-based foods protect and animal-based foods enhance breast cancer. [#]

No matter how advanced your cancer is or what cancer treatment you are on, starting a whole-food plant-based diet will benefit you today.  When you first switch to a plant-based diet, you will most likely feed terrible — but it’s temporary and necessary.  Your body is simply re-calibrating itself.  Later, you’ll discover that your body is renewing itself: your sense of smell is stronger, your sense of taste is broader, your body has more energy and is more agile, your eyesight will improve, and on and on.  You’ll also find that your weight will being to drop slowly and safely.  If you are on drugs for diabetes or cholesterol, you’ll need to visit your doctor to see, not if, but when you can stop taking them.  The benefits are numerous and if you are struggling with cancer — a whole-food plant-based diet will give you the upper hand you’ve been looking for.  You have the power to turn off cancer, and it begins at your fork.

1. Youngman LD, Campbell TC. Inhibition of aflatoxin B1-induced gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase positive (GGT+) hepatic preneoplastic foci and tumors by low protein diets: evidence that altered GGT+ foci indicate neoplastic potential. Carcinogenesis 1992;13:1607–13

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