9 Perceptions That Will Keep Your Immune System Strong

28 05 2010

Warning: This blog entry has been rated TMI — as in “too much personals information”. You’ve been warned.

I found these 9 perceptions, asked as questions, in the last chapter of “Faith, Hope & Healing” by Bernie Siegel, MD.  It is based on the work of Dr. George Solomon with regards to AIDS and long term survival.   Obviously, the one thing that connects HIV with with cancer is immuno-suppression.  I found these questions of special interest because I seemed to score so poorly on them.

1.  Do I have a sense of meaning in work, daily activities, family, and relationships?

The correct answer is: “Yes”.  My honest answer would be: “No”.  I have seriously struggled to find meaning in my work and daily activities.

2. Am I able to express anger appropriately in defense of myself?

The correct answer is: “Yes” — and I have no problems with expressing my anger appropriately in defense of myself.

3. Am I able to ask friends and family for support when I’m feeling lonely or troubled?

The correct answer is: “Yes”.  However, I’m going to have to be honest here — I have only three people I can count on for direct support.  Basically, if I’m feeling lonely or troubled it is because my support network is a skeleton crew and has been like that ever since I moved from SF, more than 5 years ago.

4. Am I able to ask friends or family for favors when I need them?

The correct answer is: “Yes”.  I have no problems with asking friends or family for favors.

5. Am I able to say ‘no’ to someone who asks for a favor if I can’t or don’t feel like doing it?

The correct answer is: “Yes”.  However, to be honest, I’d have to say it depends on the situation which isn’t very healthy.

6. Do I engage in health related behaviors based of my own self-defined needs instead of someone’s else prescriptions or idea?

The correct answer is: “Yes” — and I’d say “yes”.  I’m actively involved in yoga, weight training, kettle-bell training, etc.  I’d also say my vegan cooking is a great “health related behavior”.

7. Do I have enough play in my life?

The correct answer is: “Yes”.  However, my answer would be “no”.

8. Do I find myself depressed for long periods during which time I feel hopeless about ever changing the conditions the caused me to be depressed?

The correct answer is: “No”.  Honestly, I’d have to say I was border line on this one.

9. Am I dutifully fulfilling a prescribed role in my life to the determent of my own needs?

The correct answer is: “No” – but looking back I’d have to say “yes”.

Supposedly, my responses to these questions would be considered cause for concern in the realm of psychoneuroimmuniology.  What do you think?  How would you score yourself?




2 responses

28 05 2010

yeah, i would answer wrong to a lot of those questions also 😛

but as far as skeleton support crews…they build up slowly wherever you are. And your touch and support back are probably stronger than you realize right now.
Hang in there. *rooting for you*

28 05 2010

I will have to agree with you in many of them….
Hoping and praying for a better result….and let me know if I can be any help.

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