My Last Post

25 09 2010

Updated 10/25/10: added comment on meridian tapping, a form of psychoneuroimmunology

Update 10/9/10: Finally completed my Plant-Based Nutrition certificate via eCornell.

It seems I promised a post in late August and it is now late Sept.  Here’s the progress that I’ve made:

  • Daily Japa Meditation Every Other Day: an hour every other day seems to be the best fit.  I plan on joining a meditation group to “tune-up” my chi.
  • Semiweekly (twice per week) Yoga or Tai-chi: couldn’t start yoga until side effects from Avastin treatments subsided.  Working my way up to once per week for now.  Very stiff!
  • Weekly Acupuncture: this is working out great!
  • Live a Life of Meaning Daily: traveling to visit friends and family while my energy is good!
  • Continue to collect stories of cancer survivors who found natural healing through their own will power (psychoneuroimmunology): none so far.  Don’t know why?

…but the title of this post is “My Last Post”; and I want it to be, because I need to move on and not keep the act of avoiding cancer as the center of my life.  If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that I’ve had cancer at 17, 34, and now at 42.  Honestly, three times is enough for me so I’m going to start a new blog that’s more life affirming.

Let me just end this blog with what I’ve learned from having been a three time cancer survivor:

  1. Tap into the power of affirmations, visualizations, meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and all things related to increasing your PNI.  Always trust in your immune system first.
  2. Prevention is the best medicine and it starts at your fork.  Go vegan and avoid “fake vegan foods”!
  3. Raw foods are the best sources of nutrition.  (If you go vegan, don’t forget your B12.)
  4. Mercury vapors from your dental fillings are poisonous to you.  Choose a better alternative to traditional metal amalgams.
  5. Having a good doctor-patient relationship is key to your long term survival.  Pick a doctor that’s going to fight for you and not treat you like you are ill or dying.  Trust me, there are many people reading this that need to “fire” their doctors.

That’s it for now — quick and dirty.  I’ll keep this last post open for comments/Q&A until the end of 2010 — after-which I’ll leave it all here, in the cloud.