Last 3 MRI Results

7 01 2011

So my last three MRIs (10/14, 11/22, 1/5) showed the tumor growing.  What is interesting to note is that the tumor growth seems to be slowing down.  However in the mean time, I look great, I feel great, and I have seemingly boundless energy!  So the questions is: how long will it take for my MRIs to catch up with the excellent way I’m feeling?

MRI Results

10/14’s MRI was really a dramatic change after being off of Avastin for so long.  We paused Avastin treatment to wait for my scar to heal.  The change was so dramatic that it scared both me and my doctor.  So, I followed my doctors advice and took a chemo named “CCNU”.  After two weeks on CCNU, my scar unhealed which meant that I would not able to return to Avastin treatments.

11/22’s MRI was significantly worse — more “enhanced” (blood flow to tumor which makes it light up).  The CCNU failed me and now my doctor was recommending that I go on Carboplatin which was of the same class of drug.  I refused.  I couldn’t risk taking something that could again unheal my scar and further suppress my immune system.  So instead of taking Carboplatin, I fed my immune system superfoods and tried my hand at my own type of natural chemo.

1/5/11’s MRI was only subtlety worse.  My neuroncologist and I were having difficulty distinguishing between MRI “artifacts” and actual tumor growth.   However, because I never risked my health on Carboplatin, my scar never got the chance to unhealed.  In other words, I can start on Avastin next week; which was the goal all along.

Superfoods that support your immune system

  • Blue-Green Algae (from Klamath Lake): 1 gram, twice per day; purchased at local heath food store; this will stimulate your bone marrow to produce stem cells
  • Reishi Mushrooms: 1 capsule (about 400 mg of organic reishi), twice per day; purchased at local heath food store; reishi mushrooms have important immune boosting qualities
  • Cordyceps Mushrooms: 1 capsule (about 525 mg of organic cordyceps), twice per day
  • IP-6: twice per day
  • Medical marijuana about an hour before bed and upon waking; find a strain high in CBD (about 8.0% or higher), this is the chemical responsible for attacking glioblastoma multiforme (GBM)

My natural “chemo”
I followed this for only 8 days.  Maybe if I tried a little longer I think I would have seen better results.

  • Protocel: Follow directions on bottle.
  • Graviola: Follow directions on bottle.  There is a known toxicity level that mimics atypical forms of Parkinson’s disease.  Know the warning signs for Parkinson’s!

What’s next
Here’s my plan for the next steps:

  • Avastin: every 4 weeks; MRI after two cycles (8 weeks)
  • Graviola: at bed time and in the mornings


  • Feed my immune system superfoods (see above)
  • Weekly acupuncture to further stimulate my immune system
  • Yoga (lots and lots of yoga! see for my further adventures with yoga)

…but what about Spontaneous Remission?
I believe we become what we think about all day long — but that is for a future post 😉




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