3 06 2011

So now that I have been given 3 to 6 months to live by my neuro-oncologist — probably more like 3 months judging the tumor load in my head — I literally asked him quite directly: “I want better options.”  My best option that he could provide was access to a drug called carboplatin so that’s what I chose.  Now, I’m suffering the side-effects of that choice: fatigue, nose bleeds, lowered immune response, etc.  Basically, I’ve poisoned myself in the hope that it will make a difference in my battle against cancer.

“I want better options.”

Now here’s were things gets a little nutty — so hang in there with me.

If my doctors knew about a therapy that repairs one’s brain while it potentially could cure me of cancer, wouldn’t you say something about it.  Nope, I guess not.  However when I called to ask if Kaiser would cover it, I was told “someone else had already tried and was rejected.”  So basically, they knew.

That therapy is Hyperbaric Medicine.  Now the San Francisco Institute for Hyperbaric Medicine has a experimental protocol for GBM (the type of primary brain tumor that I have):  eight weeks of being expose to 2.4 atmosphere(ATM) of oxygen.

I started HBO therapy last week but only 1.5 ATM due to my risk of seizures — eventually we’ll work our way up (down?) to 2.4 ATM.  I got such a strong immune response after just one treatment, I thought that if I’m getting some benefit from 1.5ATM I wondered how powerful 2.4ATM would be.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t pop my ears after my first treatment; so I put tubes it them the following Wednesday morning.  By Wednesday afternoon, I had reached my treatment level with zero discomfort!

By exposing my body to 2.4 ATM, in theory, wakes up the cancers’ innate suicide programming.  Which seemed to work, just after 1 treatment.   The body will also regrow, repair, regenerate any damage the brain has encountered after two surgeries via stimulating stem cell production.

The only problem is the cost.  It’s expensive at $250 for 90min sessions and my only option is to pay “out of pocket”.  So far I’ve purchased only 10 days on my own – I need at least 40 days of therapy at 2.4ATM, probably more ‘cuz I still at 1.5ATM.  Thus, these treatments could easily drain my bank account.  So here’s where I’m going to hit my readership up for money:


Special Note:
all your Tonglen meditations have been producing miracles in my life — please keep doing them for me and everyone dealing with cancer!  I’ll explain in more detail in a future post!

Here’s the secret to my success with HBO treatment:

  • have a high blood sugar before going in
  • take Ativan for claustrophobia about an hour before treatment
  • after the treatment; load up on Vit C
  • install tubes in ears