3 06 2011

So now that I have been given 3 to 6 months to live by my neuro-oncologist — probably more like 3 months judging the tumor load in my head — I literally asked him quite directly: “I want better options.”  My best option that he could provide was access to a drug called carboplatin so that’s what I chose.  Now, I’m suffering the side-effects of that choice: fatigue, nose bleeds, lowered immune response, etc.  Basically, I’ve poisoned myself in the hope that it will make a difference in my battle against cancer.

“I want better options.”

Now here’s were things gets a little nutty — so hang in there with me.

If my doctors knew about a therapy that repairs one’s brain while it potentially could cure me of cancer, wouldn’t you say something about it.  Nope, I guess not.  However when I called to ask if Kaiser would cover it, I was told “someone else had already tried and was rejected.”  So basically, they knew.

That therapy is Hyperbaric Medicine.  Now the San Francisco Institute for Hyperbaric Medicine has a experimental protocol for GBM (the type of primary brain tumor that I have):  eight weeks of being expose to 2.4 atmosphere(ATM) of oxygen.

I started HBO therapy last week but only 1.5 ATM due to my risk of seizures — eventually we’ll work our way up (down?) to 2.4 ATM.  I got such a strong immune response after just one treatment, I thought that if I’m getting some benefit from 1.5ATM I wondered how powerful 2.4ATM would be.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t pop my ears after my first treatment; so I put tubes it them the following Wednesday morning.  By Wednesday afternoon, I had reached my treatment level with zero discomfort!

By exposing my body to 2.4 ATM, in theory, wakes up the cancers’ innate suicide programming.  Which seemed to work, just after 1 treatment.   The body will also regrow, repair, regenerate any damage the brain has encountered after two surgeries via stimulating stem cell production.

The only problem is the cost.  It’s expensive at $250 for 90min sessions and my only option is to pay “out of pocket”.  So far I’ve purchased only 10 days on my own – I need at least 40 days of therapy at 2.4ATM, probably more ‘cuz I still at 1.5ATM.  Thus, these treatments could easily drain my bank account.  So here’s where I’m going to hit my readership up for money:


Special Note:
all your Tonglen meditations have been producing miracles in my life — please keep doing them for me and everyone dealing with cancer!  I’ll explain in more detail in a future post!

Here’s the secret to my success with HBO treatment:

  • have a high blood sugar before going in
  • take Ativan for claustrophobia about an hour before treatment
  • after the treatment; load up on Vit C
  • install tubes in ears



3 responses

6 06 2011

OMG Thomas I had no idea what was going on! I wish the best to you and will be sending good vibes for your recovery! I will help spread the word. Much love!

8 06 2011

Hay you heard about Dr. Seyfried and his research on brain cancer? Like you I have been a vegan & raw on again off again for many years. I also have triple negative breast cancer. B/C my type of cancer is rare & aggressive I opened myself to any natural therapy that might work. Yes low fat raw vegan diets work. But what about those of us who still are getting re-occurrence etc? That is how I found Dr. Seyfried. I will be happy to send you his accdemic paper if you like. I urge you to contact to him ASAP. He will write you back & even give you idea on a protocol to begin shrink your tumor now. Here is his website: https://www2.bc.edu/~seyfridt/braincancer.html I urge you to remain open mined and read all the science behind his idea before you reject it.

14 08 2011

Hello Thomas, just sending some healing thoughts your way today.

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