Green Smoothies

If you’ve been following along in my blog here, I found Green for Life in July ’09 and decided to drink a green smoothie a day for a month to see what happens. The only thing I can tell so far is that my skin has improved greatly — no more overly dry skin. I think my digestion has improved, but I’ll need to test it. I have a doctor’s appointment in a few weeks so I’ll check to see how it improved my blood sugar (I’m ‘pre-diabetic’) and cholesterol levels (should be taking statins) — and hopefully my next MRI results. The only bad thing that has happened was all my test subject — ok, two family members — whom I tested my green smoothies on would not drink them.

I’m not sure why my two lab rats volunteers didn’t like them, and there was nothing I could do to get them to drink the green smoothie I had made. (Think Dr. Seuss’ ‘Green Smooties and Ham’ — except without the Ham) There was a sort of whole body reaction to seeing, sniffing them — like when you touch an electric fence. You’re curious — but then… you got too close: ZAP!

After more than three months eating vegan, I guess my tongue’s taste buds really have changed.  It’s made it a little difficult eating out — like absolutely no fast food.  I simply refuse to eat at any fast food chains ‘cuz the food is known to be toxic (see “Food, Inc”, “Supersize Me”, “King Corn”, etc.)  In any case, if I have to choose between fast food and no food, I’ll opt for a hand full of almonds from the gas station store.

I guess green smothies will turn you into a mutant militant plant-love’n crazy who won’t eat at “In & Out”.  So if this sounds like something you want to get involved in here’s my current green smoothie recipe.  Oh, I forgot to say they really are good for you.  Here’s the recipe:

In a blender combine in this order:

  • coconut milk (or any milk like rice milk, hemp milk, almond milk — just not cow milk)
  • half a bunch of kale
  • half a head of red leaf lettuce
  • half a head of romaine lettuce
  • a handful of watercress
  • Vega Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer (1 scoop)
  • frozen banana
  • frozen berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, etc)
  • dates and agave nectar to sweeten to taste

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24 09 2010

If cancer does not like sugar, this drink has a lot of natural sugar.

25 09 2010

You are right: cancer feeds on high GI sugars. The sugars used in this smoothie also have the fiber to go with it which makes them low/med GI surgars. Make sure you use just enough sweet to make it tolerable to drink. I vary this recipe quite a bit, but the best resource is: Green for Life which can be purchased as

27 02 2011


My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer this week, and we are trying to amend her diet to remove the necessity of impending chemo, after her operation. It’s bloody frightening!
I have read the post about the soy products if you have breast cancer, you have smoothies with coconut milk, would this be a good and healthy alternative to soy products for smoothies…. or do you know if all milks increase oestrogen production?

Your smoothie has quite alot of sugar, and I read your response to a comment regarding this. If you were wanting to go all out ‘kick ass to this cancer’ would it be best to avoid all sugars, including fruit sugars such as fructose etc?
Sooooo many questions…. Sorry to be a bother.
Many thanks.
Mark & Amanda x

PS. Thanks for recommending The China Study, started reading it yesterday, eye opening stuff!

14 03 2011

I’m going to answer this in revers order:

“Thanks for recommending The China Study, started reading it yesterday, eye opening stuff!”
You are welcome. I actually got my certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the author T. Colin Campbell and my BA in Biology from UC Santa Cruz.

“Sooooo many questions…. Sorry to be a bother.”
Not a problem, that’s what I’m here for.

“Your smoothie has quite alot of sugar…”
As of right now (3/13/11), I don’t use any extra sweetener. Yes, please avoid all high GI sweeteners, like table sugar, as well as all artificial sweeteners. If you want a whole food alternative sweetener, then I’d recommend using stevia, because it has a negligible effect on blood glucose levels.

“…alternative to soy products for smoothies…”
Only soy “milk” contains psudo-estrogenes which feed breast cancer specifically. If your wife has breast cancer definitely avoid soy milk. Tofu, tempe, and other popular fermented soy products, I would only recommend eating these “occasionally”. Avoid anything that has listed in its ingredients: “soy protein isolate”.

“It’s bloody frightening!”
Yes, it is – but you are educating yourself and with that follows hope. In my humble opinion, there are just two types of stress in our lives: nutritional and emotional. Both have the power to cause all sorts of illness, including breast cancer. Once you rule out nutritional stress by following a whole-food plan-based diet, then you can move on to more deeper, emotional issues. I’m a firm believer that chronic fear, chronic hate, and/or chronic resentment are at the root of all cancers. I’m working on a new post about this. Please subscribe to my blog so that you’ll get future updates.

14 03 2011

Thanks so much for your thorough reply. Since my email, my wife has had a mastectomy, she is in alot of pain. Now we have to wait and hope for the lymph node assessment. Once again many thanks.
My wife said I wasn’t talking to my friends or taking their calls, and asked me to do a blog to keep her friends updated, and to do it from my point of view. A kind of venting I suppose.
Here it is. It needs to be read from bottom to top.

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