If a vegan lifestyle has helped you heal from cancer, please leave a comment here.  I want to hear from you!


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4 02 2010
Alan Kenney

I met you in Christy Morgan’s Tempeh cooking class. Thanks for your blog, it is really inspiring. I have the same story as you, basically. I was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer and when I told the specialist I was going to undertake a macrobiotic approach, it was like I had five heads and talked iin a foreign language. Also, I get the same skeptical responses from people. But, the good news is that after three months of being on this lifestyle I have: lost 25 pounds, changed my body dimensions from obese to slim and trim, my hair has turned from gray to natural color, I have gone from diabetic to normal, and this past weekend my cancer discharged significantly and now it is decreased. I wish I was in a financial position to helpyou for Cornell class. I do wish you continued excellent success, and thanks for your leadership and courage. Alan Kenney

5 02 2010

It’s great to hear that your cancer is decreasing — that’s the best news *ever*! Make sure you keep going back to your doctor so that he or she can follow your progress even if there’s no sign of cancer. It’s important because it teaches your doctor to think “out side of the box.” I’m trying to get mine to tell all her other patients to follow a vegan diet. I’ll let you know how *that* goes?! Please keep me posted on your progress.
– Tom

1 12 2010

Hi Tom,
Have just come across your site and read your fascinating story.
I decided to try to go vegan a year ago-having been vegetarian most of my life-and though I loved being vegetarian, I wished I had turned vegan all those years ago.I have been veggie since age 17 or so, but always thought going vegan would be too difficult-I would recommend it to anyone and everyone, and think it is one of the best things you could do for your health.
I am approaching my 7th decade since first getting cancer,still working-I think I owe a huge amount -well I think I owe my life-to not eating meat and fish for so long.
Going vegan is the best move anybody could make-all power to you Tom !

5 12 2010

Thanks for your testimonial. You realize if you survive past 5yrs after your diagnosis you’re considered “cured”. If I may ask, what type of diagnosis/prognosis did you get from the doctors.

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